In no particular order, I

love Mumbai

hate no place in this world, which is a recent development

enjoy long drives

prefer car over a bike

think photography is therapeutic

have been blogging since December 2003

can twitch one nostril, independently

am married to my best friend

always wonder how there can be a competition about anything artistic

avoid arguments about politics; they never end

think I think too much

love Paul Simon

enjoy Richard Bach

am in awe of Daniel Day-Lewis

use Apple products but am not a fanboy

have lived in many places around the world

love London

love New York

take a long time when I read anything written in Marathi

worship Candida Hofer

believe that Hindi is a beautiful language



4 comments on “About

  1. det-res says:

    So much I didn’t know about you. :)

  2. Arpit says:

    Dear Writer

    My name is Arpit Goel, Head- Writers Engagement Program. We would like to present you with an opportunity to write for AdviceAdda.com. It is an online portal that provides ‘Expert Advice’ to youngsters and teenagers who need help and solutions to their problems.

    It is providing a platform to writers as well where they can bring a meaningful change in the lives of youth by discussing their experiences, provide inspiring thoughts and good/bad takes on life. You may visit our website where articles, poems in both Hindi and English are invited. We are working for a great cause to make Youth life ‘Tension Free’, It will be really nice,If you support us in this mission.

    For more details visit info:

    For any query, Email me at: writers@adviceadda.com
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