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What is a blog genre? Unless it falls clearly into a predefined genre, blogs are just personal thoughts. But then, there is a finer classification of what you write, of what you think. Not so much for the world to understand (though you want them to, else you would just write a diary) – but because of what you believe, because of that something that makes you write what you write.


Gaizabonts Travel, life, thoughts, ideas, wish-lists, and everything else. Thoughts, mostly.

The star. The flagship blog. The start of it all. A culmination of everything, in the space that we inhabit and more so those small spaces that we don’t.


ठेले पे हिमालय भाषा में अस्तित्व की खोज

My blog in Hindi. I started this blog, more to brush up my skills in the language that I use everyday, yet don’t know very well. A search for identity, of sorts, in the language.


माय सह्याद्री आई तुज्या कुशीत, बन्द डोळे, आणी सुखाचा अनुभव

My blog in Marathi. Again, the same reason why I started my Hindi blog – language learning initiative of sorts. Dedicated to the love of the Sahyadris and the land that I call home.


Clay Gods Men of Steel Made Gods of Clay [Empty Blog]

A blog awaiting body (and soul).


Deep Recess What you can never say can still be said. What is understood, well…

From and within the deepest recesses of the mind they flow, struggling to express, in a million words, thoughts that are best expressed, if silent.


Deterministic Chaos What determines your life?

Poetry. Just. For no rhyme or reason


His Story Telling Telling history as I see it – telling a story

Releasing history from the shackles of timelines – without removing the timelines. That, and specifically my personal interest in Maratha History


If I Could See Better Beyond words, beyond worlds

We never really see what we see, so we need to save what we see, to see if we can really see what we saw


The Albatross Walking through life, living with lies

A novel in the making. Utterly fictitious. The name of the novel is “The Albatross”; the theme is “Living a Life.” Or is it the other way round? Since the novel is on a pause, the blog is now filled with short fiction.


The Wandering Monk Travelling alone, together

A single journey that is seeking and resisting a destination


Second Version Of 2.0 Concepts [Defunct]

What is the next stage of anything? What is its next version, the next avatar? Inspired by Web 2.0 and amazingly long chats over the sweetest bitters in the cosiest pubs, co-blogged with Robert


Kenfinity Infinite Range of Vision

My eLearning blog. and related news, issues, ideas, thoughts…. Cross blogged at my ELGG site


Edmasters My MA (Education) Journey and the IGNOU Experience

EdMasters is a blog that’s almost a study journal. I have seen the wonderful ways in which WordPress is used in the world, and I was sure It could be used as a study journal. In June 2010, I started my MA (Education) from IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University). This blog will follow the two years that I will spend, completing my Masters.


the small issue today’s small thing is tomorrow’s big thing?

I notice small things.


Been There, Read It, Seen That, Ate It After I saw, ate, read, felt, it, I wrote about it

Views and reviews – of pretty much anything – what started of as a movie review site is now an all-review site


Square Peg/Round Hole All that didn’t fit in any of my other fourteen blogs

Odd stuff, random stuff, trivia, observation, pretty much everything else.


Artisms Of art and such things

What started off as an experiment to learn french using the blog is an art ‘collective’. Articles, and links from around the web on art, photography and creativity in general.


4 comments on “My Blogs

  1. luv89food says:

    Hi there, so I came across your blog looking for something else…but I wanted to see what exactly your blog was about and who you are. One of your posts states to look through this page which would explain a little about you, but all I got from this page is that you are trying to learn a few languages and other random stuff…so basically I guess the point is I still don’t know who you are and neither will other people by reading this?…Just thought you should know…

    • Atul Sabnis says:

      Valid comment. I update this as I find something to say. Sorry about that! :)

      • luv89food says:

        No need to be sorry, but maybe you should leave yourself mysterious rather than lead your followers to the page that doesn’t allow them to get to know you. It’s your blog so you have control of what you want to communicate through it!

        • Atul Sabnis says:

          OK. Am not sorry. :) There’s more on this blog – About Page, Personal Page – please see the menu above. I agree with the mystery part of it – I think I shall keep it like that. The idea is to collate all links and other information here. It is not just about the blogs and is anyway not intended as a biography! :)

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