Social Networking


Have a look if you want to. If we don’t know each other, please don’t send a friend request. Facebook is reserved for people I already know. Doesn’t mean that we can’t get to know each other. Feel free to interact with me elsewhere. We’ll get to know each other, and then we can be Facebook Friends. My public posts and photos on Facebook Profile are open, feel free to subscribe.


Am only just discovering it. Usually has more photos – the same ones on the Facebook page. So #youprefer


Ah! Books! Where would be without them. My books and reviews.


My YouTube channel. I wish I had the gift of making good movies. Since I do not, I settle for making shorts of what I see.



Some of my photos. I am in a complicated relationship with Flickr (and for that matter other photo sharing sites). After being a Pro member for a very long time, I haven’t renewed my membership there. I have recently started a Facebook Page for my photos.

Facebook Page – If I Could See Better

The current replacement for Flickr. Not that it’s a better option, but, like I said – it’s complicated.


Twitter: @atulsabnis

The general twitter account that everyone has – I have it too. It’s usually conversations, random stuff, and feeds from my various sites. Sometimes, the tweets don’t makes sense. Sometimes, they do.

Twitter @edsabnis

Stuff related to my work and my interest: eLearning, education technology and the ‘business’ of learning. You’ll like the stuff here if you also have an interest in these areas.




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